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T I N A  V E D R I N E


Hello! I'm Tina and I've been photographing Weddings since 2014.

I wholeheartedly enjoy what I do and I can't ever imagine not being in love with my work - it inspires and motivates me every day!

I've always been a creative type. Whilst studying Art, I developed a joy and fascination for capturing movement in various media (mainly dance, I've always been obsessed with the work of artist Edgar Degas). In my final year of my degree I focussed on photography and film which is where my passion for photography began!

I love love, too. The magic of weddings - no matter the size, seeing the connection between my couples - encouraging them to have fun and really get into the experience, then relax in front of my camera is one of the best ever feelings!

During my career as a Wedding Photographer, I've learnt a lot about my self and my strengths; 

/  My ability to see that beauty exists in all things and how to portray that in a photograph. 

/  How I use my camera as a tool to tell the unique stories of my couples - by clicking at just the right moment, with the appropriate lens, angle and lighting etc. I capture beautiful, intimate pictures in my signature style. 

/  My personable and disarming nature. These are qualities I didn't know I had until a few years ago when they kept popping up in feedback from my couples and solo clients for photoshoots.

/  My creative intuition. When I first arrive at a wedding venue/location, I'm instinctively aware in seconds of where to take those special portraits.


This is also why I'm a Destination Wedding Photographer - I love discovering new places both in the UK and abroad.


Being trusted to capture someone's special day feels like an absolute honour and it's something I'll never take for granted.   


Here's a handy link to The Vedrines Google Reviews to see what my previous couples have thoughtfully shared!


tina vedrine.JPG

'Over the years my work as wedding photographer has been described as diverse, real, creative and playful.'



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