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'I've always been influenced by the work of artist Edgar Degas'


I've been photographing Weddings since 2014.

I wholeheartedly enjoy what I do and I can't ever imagine not being in love with my work - it truly inspires and motivates me every single day. 

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Whilst studying Art, I developed a joy and fascination for capturing movement in various media (mainly dance, I've always been influenced by the work of artist Edgar Degas). In my final year of my degree I focussed on photography and film which is where my passion for photography began!

I adore the magic of a wedding and seeing the connection between my couples. I love having fun with them encouraging them to really get into the experience, then to witness the very moment they're fully relaxed in front of my camera is honestly one of the best ever feelings in my job!

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'Even after all these years of being a Wedding Photographer, being trusted to capture someone's special day still feels like an absolute honour to me and it's something I'll never take for granted.'
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'We spoke to Tina Vedrine, the award winning and highly renowned photographer behind The Vedrines Photography, a wedding photography business that has captured an impressive following and celebrity clientele.'

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Meet Tina Vedrine, the visionary behind The Vedrines. Art and Modern dance have always been her escape, influencing her decision to blend them seamlessly through photography. With a background in art and a fascination for capturing movement, particularly inspired by artist Edgar Degas, Tina’s transition into wedding photography was a natural evolution. 


For Tina, photography is a form of artistic expression that beautifully intertwines with the celebration of love and joy in weddings. 


It’s the blend of artistry and emotional connection that earns her first inclusion in Professional Photo Magazine’s top 50 list.

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